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Coach uses Budding Fruits app to encourage newbie sports team

It was Touch Rugby season and the budding players aged from 8 to 10 years old started out really enthusiastically. Based in Hobbiton/Matamata New Zealand, the organizer had named them the MCS Hobbits, but they felt more like Jaguars, fast and agile.The newbie players had little idea of the rules and strategies of the game, needed much work on ball skills and weren’t quite as agile as they felt, but for some of them lunchtime practices were no match for the draw of the lunchtime playground.The ...

December 1, 2019

Dream comes true with the release of the the Budding Fruits App

December 2018 when he left his employer of 20 years, his dream was to develop a business with three main objectives in mind. It needed to be honouring to his Christian faith, be of benefit to society through strengthening families, and be able to be managed from anywhere in the world. His  dream came true in the development of the Budding Fruits app. Parents are amazed at how their children respond to the app and grow in admirable attitudes and beautiful behavior, and as a result how their ...

December 1, 2019

Read how the Budding Fruits app resolves many common objections to the Money Jar system

Losing track of the total rewards your child has accumulated is a thing of the past. The Budding Fruits app simply does it for you. And it is even more encouraging for your child if they have the app on their device as they can remind themselves regularly also. The Budding Fruits app makes it fair on all of the family with individual setup providing each child with their own age and stage appropriate token value and reward goals. The Budding Fruits app eliminates the temptation for a child to st...

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