Read how the Budding Fruits app resolves many common objections to the Money Jar system

Losing track of the total rewards your child has accumulated is a thing of the past. The Budding Fruits app simply does it for you. And it is even more encouraging for your child if they have the app on their device as they can remind themselves regularly also.

The Budding Fruits app makes it fair on all of the family with individual setup providing each child with their own age and stage appropriate token value and reward goals.

The Budding Fruits app eliminates the temptation for a child to steal money to add to their money jar, with the parent retaining 100% control with the app on their own personal device.

Fun, appealing and engaging, the Budding Fruits app attracts children, encourages them to participate, holds their interest and inspires them towards admirable attitudes and beautiful behaviour.

The Budding Fruits app is right there on your mobile phone, so you can continue to encourage those great attitudes and behaviours even when you are out and about, and no more forgetting to reward for them because they slipped your mind on the way home.


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