Getting started with your Budding Fruits app

Do you have a promo code? If you don't already have the Budding Fruits app on your phone, you need to redeem the code BEFORE you download and install the app. Please tap of click here to learn how to redeem promo codes before you download the app.

Otherwise, getting started is as simple as A B C. For more details and set up screen shots, see the Set Up Details page.

A) If you have a promo code redeem it first. This will take you to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download and install the app. Otherwise go directly to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, (links at the bottom of this page) download the app and install it. During this process you will select a subscription and at the end of it you will be presented with a sign in / up screen. B) Sign in / up using a valid email address. You will be sent a confirmation email. No password required. C) Set up your children's names, focus attitude / behaviour, token value and goal value. Save you entries, (You can come back and edit these later) and you are ready to enter your first reward. See how here.

Your child can enjoy viewing there rewards on their own app for free. Simply download the app onto your child's device and link it up with the "Share Code" at the bottom of the childs page on the parents app. See how here.

Your child can also enjoy receiving rewards from others for free. To use the App on a second parents device simply download the app and logon using the email address used on the first parent app setup. Forward the confirmation/logon email to the second device to complete the logon process. More details here.

Four suggestions for parents

For many parents the adoption of the Budding Fruits app is an opportunity to review their own thoughts about training their child. To help getting started, following are some suggestions for parents to think about.

  • Be proactive and intentional with your parenting. Think about the values and rules that you would like your child to learn to live by and the skills you would like them to develop so they can grow and prosper as an adult. Make plans about how your child can learn and develop those values, rules and skills.
  • Become an encouragement trainer not a punishment trainer. Encouragement is not just giving compliments, it is about coming along side the child and gently guiding them in the way that they should go. The Budding Fruits app is about encouragement not punishment.
  • Only expect of your child what you expect of yourselves. Are you a "do as I say not as I do" parent? Children learn more from observing their parents behaviour than from what the parent says.
  • Take care not to confuse your child. Are you a flip/flop parent who often makes a decision then changes it, or do you tell your children you will do something then don't follow through?  Both of these things can cause confusion in children which is often mistaken for not listening or bad behaviour.

Basic setup decisions

Before you and your children launch into your Budding Fruits journey, it is important that your children understand what is expected of them and how any agreed reward is delivered or maybe used or spent.

You will find some suggested guidelines on the resources page that you can download and change to what works best for you and your family, and below are some setup decisions that you will need to think about.

Will you use the Budding Fruits app, as a score board or a money jar? This can be customised for individual children. You might like to consider the score board setup for younger children and you can always change it later. On the flip side using the money jar option starts the process towards money wisdom sooner.

Using the score board option, what will the goal score for the child be and what will the reward be?

Using the money jar option, what, if any, guidelines will there be around what the money is spent on? You can download some suggestions from the resource page and change them to suit you and your child.

What expectation will be placed on the child? Expectations can be in the form of attitudes, behaviour or specific tasks or a combination of all of these. You will find some downloadable suggestions on the resources page.

How much will the reward be? Parents need to consider the child's age and stage of development when deciding this.

Ensure that your budget will accommodate your plans. Remember parents that you will be actually paying out the monetary reward, so you will need to budget for that.

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