Dream comes true with the release of the the Budding Fruits App

December 2018 when he left his employer of 20 years, his dream was to develop a business with three main objectives in mind. It needed to be honouring to his Christian faith, be of benefit to society through strengthening families, and be able to be managed from anywhere in the world.

His  dream came true in the development of the Budding Fruits app. Parents are amazed at how their children respond to the app and grow in admirable attitudes and beautiful behavior, and as a result how their family environment improves.

For years switched on parents have been rewarding their children for good behaviour using the token rewards system; star charts, money jars etc. Budding Fruits brings this method into the digital age with an app right on your phone so you can carry it with you anywhere.

Parents love it because they can reward their children immediately they see good attitudes or behavior, and children love interacting with the technology and seeing the fanfare when they accept their reward.

Open the Budding Fruits website Home page to learn more about this amazing new tool for parents, view screenshots for an in depth understanding and take advantage of the additional resources and setup hints. Link directly to the App Store or Play Store to download the app for a free trial period, and save over 16% by taking advantage of the annual subscription.

Dreamed by Spence Reichardt, developed locally in Matamata, New Zealand by Luminate One and first released in December 2019, the Budding Fruits app promotes positive parenting by helping develop good attitudes, great behavior and money management skills in our children.


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