Developing children with admirable attitudes and beautiful behavior

The Budding Fruits Buddy Jar app is a great reward system for kids. Parents are amazed at how their children respond, growing in good attitudes, great behaviour and money wisdom.

The Buddy Jar app provides an effective and efficient child development environment by enhancing the principles of the well known star charts or money jar systems. (Also known as Token reward system)

The Budding Fruits Buddy Jar app brings money jars and star charts into the digital era

Token reward systems work well, and it is time to bring them into the digital era. Many people don't carry cash nowadays. Also a money jar can be impractical when people are out and about as by the time they get home, it is easy to forget the deserving things that their children could be rewarded for.

The Budding Fruits app is a great reward system for kids because it is right there on the mobile phone and can be carried anywhere.

With the Budding Fruits app, children can be encouraged in positive attitudes and behaviour, and learn money wisdom anywhere.

Don't want to give money rewards, award points instead and use it as a scoreboard

Another great thing about this reward system for kids is that it can be used as a score board, so instead of accumulating money it can accumulate points. This is great for younger children, so that when a set amount of points is accumulated the child gets a pre-agreed special treat, such as going to their favorite restaurant.

Make use of the child app for free

Children can be further encouraged when they are old enough to have their own device, by installing the child version of the app so they can keep track of their progress.

Coach uses Budding Fruits app to encourage newbie sports team

December 1, 2019
It was Touch Rugby season and the budding players aged from 8 to 10 years old started out really enthusiastically. Based in Hobbiton/Matamata New Zealand, the organizer had named them the MCS Hobbits, but they felt more like Jaguars, fast and agile.The newbie players had little idea of the rules and...
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Teaching Kids About Money

Budding Fruits promotes three basic principles of good money management. They are earn wisely,  save wisely,  spend wisely.

Sound simple? It is. Learn more

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