Screen shots for setting up the parent app

(After you have downloaded and installed it)

Sign Up or Sign In

To sign up for the parent app enter a valid email address. You will receive a confirmation email. On the host device, tap the "Log into your account" button in the confirmation email (no password required). Follow the prompts and the My Family form (see form (2), will pop up ready for you to add or edit your children details.

(1) To Sign up or Sign in

Image of the sign up, sign in or share screen

My Family

To add a child tap "add Child" (See form (3). To edit a child's details, give a reward or replay fanfare tap the child's personal button (See form (5).

The Child's personal button displays their goal and progress.

You will need to add at least 1 child to continue.

(2) My Family

My Family

Add or Edit Child

Add or edit your child's details. Name, Focus Attitudes / Behaviours and Reward Type are required fields.

Scroll down (See form 4) to enter more details.

"Current progress" shows how much the child has earned.

Tap the arrow (top left) to save.

(3) Edit Child

Edit Child

Add or Enter Child (Cont)

Select the reward type, 1 for score card otherwise select a money value. Enter minimum spend or the child's own goal and if the child has already earn't something add it under Current Progress.

Use the automatically generated share code to install the app on your child's device.

(4) Edit Child (cnt)

Add or Edit Child

Child's Personal Form

To give a reward tap the "Add Reward" button. (See form (6)

To edit the child's details tap "Edit Child".

To replay the last fanfare or play fanfare for a queued reward tap "Play Last Fanfare".

(5) Child


Add a Reward

You can change or overwrite the default message "You are a star", to tell the child what the reward is for. (Note the new message will not be kept).

Use the + or - button or tap and type in the value of the reward.

Tap "Reward" to add it to the queue ready for your child to receive.

(6) Reward



When you give a reward, your child can play the fanfare on your device and open the box to receive the reward.

Or tap done to queue the reward for your child to accept later.

You child can play or replay the fanfare on their own device. 

(7) Fanfare


Accept the Reward

Just tap the box to open and receive the reward.

(8) Get Reward

Receiving Reward

Reward Display

Your child will be able see how much the reward is, the reason for their reward and their total accumulated rewards.

Tap the star to return to the Family form.

(9) Reward Display

Reward Display

Screen shots for setting up the child app

Child app Setup

Download the app to the child's device. Under "Enter a code to join an existing family", enter the Share Code from the parents app.

Tap "Join" and the child's form will appear.

The child can play the fanfare from this form.

Share with Child

Share with Child

Find Share Code

The Share Code is found on the parents app on the bottom of the child setup form.

Share Code

Share Code

Screen shots for adding another parent

Adding Additional Parents

The parent app can be installed on additional devices, sharing the same family information and allowing others to reward children.

To add others, when setting them up they must sign in with the same family email as was originally used and the confirmation email must be forwarded to the new device. The new user must tap "Log into your account" to open the app.

Adding another parent

Download the app. Sign in using the same family email address. An email will be sent which must be forwarded to the new host device.

 On the new host device, tap the "Log into your account" button in the confirmation email (no password required), and you are ready to go.

Add Parent

Add Parent

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