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Possible guidelines for using or spending rewards

  • The child may purchase any item of their choice except for lollies, sweets, food, drinks, or items contrary to general house values, and may use it to -
  • donate to a charitable organisation of the child’s choice
  • give to another person of the child’s choice
  • use for their own enjoyment

    It is important that the child has considerable freedom about what they spend their reward on, so guidelines should be thought through and agreed beforehand.

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Attitudes and behaviour

Parents, have you thought about developing a set of family values that you and your family will live by? Do you have a family code of conduct or family rules that you would expect both you and your family to follow?

If you have not already thought about this then now is a good time.

Start by thinking about what you would expect of yourself. Make a list and review and refine it over time. Present it attractively and consider framing it and hanging it on a prominent wall.  If you are not artistic then maybe get a friend to help you.

Write your list in the positive. Instead of writing "Don't lie", you could write "Always be truthful".

Expect small gains. Consider the age and stage of the child and start small.

To help you get started take advantage of the free downloads adjacent.

For more hints and downloads the following websites have good hints about family rules

The Australian parenting website raisingchildren.net.au


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