The importance of parents preparing and continually equipping themselves for parenting

In December 2018 when he left his employer of 20 years, the retirees dream was to develop a business that would be honouring to his Christian faith, be of benefit to society through strengthening families and be able to be managed from anywhere in the world. Practical positive parenting was on his heart and on 1 December 2019 the new Buddings Fruits app was launched. Parents who use the app are amazed at how their children grow in admirable attitudes, beautiful behaviour and money mindfulness.

Complementing the app is a website containing lots of helpful hints about parenting and how to get the most out of the Budding Fruits app. As part of that we are starting a four part series about how important it is that parents prepare and continually equip themselves for parenting.

  • Part one will cover proactive and intentional parenting
  • Part two will talk about becoming an encouragement trainer
  • Part three will discuss expectations
  • Part four will delve into flip flop parenting and how this can confuse children

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Please keep a lookout for Part one - Proactive and intentional parenting.


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